Fire Roasted is committed to sourcing and roasting only the highest quality coffee. 

We use a blended approach (mix of modern and traditional) to ensure that you are getting the perfect cup of coffee every time. 

First, we roast our coffee by hand in very small batches. With our head roaster carefully smelling, checking for colour changes, inspecting the beans for irregularities and listening very closely for the signs of first crack.

Second, we use modern scientific techniques to help us fine tune every roast to exact specifications.  This helps us to ensure that we are creating the exact same taste profiles on every batch of coffee that we roast. 

Finally, we do a comprehensive taste testing every single day at our pour over café lounge.  We regularly taste our blends and single sourced coffees to ensure that we are getting the exact taste profiles that you expect. 

These measures will continue to ensure that our coffee is consistent, of the highest quality and as close to a perfect cup of coffee as we can roast. 

We invite you to come and join us Monday – Friday at 2pm for our regular taste testing sessions, or visit anytime to enjoy a fresh pour over, see our beans and discuss roasting with us.